November 16, 2021

ISMG’s Virtual Roundtables focus on specific challenges being faced by information security executives in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Moderated by one of ISMG’s Executive Editors and a guest industry expert, Virtual Roundtables give cybersecurity professionals the opportunity to discuss threats and controls with a handful of market leaders in an informal and online setting, from which you will emerge with new ideas and solutions you can immediately put to work to improve your own organization’s defensive posture.

Securing Critical Infrastructure: What it Means for Your Organization

From SolarWinds to nation-state actors targeting vulnerable Exchange email servers to the ransomware attacks against Colonial Pipeline, the security of critical infrastructure has been at the forefront of nearly every cybersecurity conversation since the beginning of the year.

President Biden’s executive order also added to the discussion as the federal government is now poised to revamp its security posture to meet these new challenges.

Tom Field / Mary Yang
Tom Field / Mary Yang
SVP – Editorial, ISMG / Chief Marketing Officer, LookingGlass

But what do these changes mean for other private sector organizations? How will potential legislation such as breach notification bills that are before Congress affect the way organizations report incidents to the federal government? And how will public-private partnerships work as the White House demands executive branch agencies and departments change their long-term cybersecurity outlook?

Please join ISMG’s Tom Field for an exclusive Virtual Roundtable that will draw from the collective experiences of the attendees, offering insights into how organizations can better understand the cybersecurity changes facing the federal government and what these changes can mean for them.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How will attacks that target critical infrastructure change the way the federal government approaches cybersecurity, and what does that mean for other organizations in the private sector?
  • What should organizations know about breach notifications laws making their ways through Congress and the impact that these laws could have on their IT and security operations?
  • How can organizations develop better and more secure public-private partnerships that can protect the nation’s critical infrastructure from attacks?

Joining Tom to provide expert insight and case studies is Mary Yang, Chief Marketing Officer at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions.