Monitor, model, manage, and
mitigate your cyber risk

Go beyond sorting through troves of cyber threat data. With the LookingGlass Suite, get actionable threat intelligence based on infrastructure and threat actors that matter to you.

Get tailored, curated threat intel and build customizable threat actor models — specific to your sector and mission needs — that can be operationalized to support investigations, incident analysis and response, threat hunting, situational awareness, continuous monitoring, cyber investment research, and network defense. 

With the LookingGlass Suite, your organization can finally use threat intelligence to reduce cyber risk.

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See what the adversary sees.

Our PRIME module provides an “outside-in” view of the internet infrastructure you care about — your own and your supply chain — combined with threat intelligence and risk indicators to deliver a more accurate external threat landscape and continuous situational awareness so you can prioritize resources and jumpstart response to reduce your risk and exposure.

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Understand your adversary’s capabilities.

Our THREAT module provides an adversary-oriented focus to understanding your cyber risk. scoutTHREAT improves the efficiency and productivity of your analysts with defined workflows to uncover adversarial capabilities, track motivations, highlight adversaries attacking your sector, and compare these tailored threat actor profiles to your organization’s security controls and mitigations to identify where to invest additional protection.

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Get the complete visibility you need.

Our INSPECT module continuously monitors your organization’s digital footprint to provide a comprehensive view of your assets. With scalpel-like precision, scoutINSPECT identifies and reports on assets and applications you care about, so you can manage and investigate cyber risks that are unique to your organization — reducing noise, increasing your time to value, and lowering your total cost of ownership.

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