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We are dedicated to developing innovative products for the dynamic world of cybersecurity and threat intelligence. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for the best minds in cybersecurity, cyber threat intelligence, and threat mitigation to join our team. Behind our success are analysts, engineers, customer support, and everyone in-between that thrive on collaboration and creativity, driving mission impact for our customers.

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Company Values


Doing the right thing, versus doing the easy thing, requires courage. We believe in doing what we need to do to help meet our customers’ missions, even when it’s challenging, and having the courage to do so is the only way to have exponential impact. Only with courageous integrity will our stakeholders and customers know that they can rely on us to be a trusted partner.


The problems we need to solve and the products we want to build require new ways of tackling complex issues. By weaving innovative approaches into all we do, we will shift mindsets, change the game, and help our customers meet their missions.


We are threat intelligence creators and consumers, cybersecurity practitioners, developers, engineers, tech geeks, innovators, believers in interdisciplinary approaches, dot connectors, and excellence seekers. We bring these passions and perspectives to understand our customers’ missions and needs and to build solutions that empower our customers to be successful.


Each member of our team has unique and critical skills; together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Honesty and directness in our interactions is how we demonstrate respect, enabling us to focus on achieving the same, clear objectives: helping our customers meet their missions.

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