Your organization has become a vast ecosystem of suppliers, investors, partners, and business interests, all of which make up your global attack surface. Each of these entities presents a unique set of cyber risks and weaknesses. Managing these risks can be a full-time endeavor, no matter the size of your organization. What tools are in your arsenal to defend against these risks? In this webinar, Dan Martin, Product Manager, and Neera Desai, Threat Researcher, will demonstrate how you can maintain situational awareness across your attack surface.

You will learn how to:

  • Continuously assess and manage cyber risk
  • Prioritize risks that are most relevant to your organization
  • Maintain a broad view of potential risk impact

Watch the webinar on-demand below.

The Speakers:

Neera Desai,
Threat Researcher, LookingGlass

Marc Larson,
Senior Intelligence Analyst, LookingGlass

Event Details


March 18, 2020


1:00 pm


Online Webinar