Attack Surface Management

What is Attack Surface Management?

December 08, 2020

You may have heard the term “Attack Surface Management” gaining popularity throughout the cybersecurity industry. But what exactly is your attack s...

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Why External Visibility Matters Banner

Why External Visibility Matters

November 30, 2020

By Mark St. John We built our platform to help your organization remove cyber exposures before being detected and leveraged by bad actors. Security...

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Banner Keep It Clean

Attack Surface Hygiene

August 05, 2020

We should keep it clean in a dirty world. The last few years of IT Operations has been a wild shift for everyone.

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Zeek Sdn Blog 3

Zeek-Based Security Detection & Mitigation

July 11, 2019

Today, there are many open-source software projects that provide incredible value to solving a myriad of problems for security detection and mitiga...

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Wally Coggins

CACAO: A Future for Collaborative Cybersecurity Course of Action

April 16, 2019

Today, threat actors are increasingly successful at utilizing automation to execute their attacks. More often than not, their success stems from co...

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LookingGlass Cyber

Insights on Building Scalable Cybersecurity Systems

March 21, 2019

Today, enterprises are faced with a plethora of network security solutions attempting to address requirements including higher throughput, as well ...

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SDN Blog

The Need for SDN-Based Approach to Cybersecurity Response

February 06, 2019

Today, the cybersecurity industry is faced with an increasingly capable set of threat actors using advanced strategies, tactics, and techniques. Th...

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