General James Clapper

Clapper served from 2010 – 2017 as the Director of National Intelligence. In that position, he led the United States intelligence community and served as the top intelligence advisor to the President.

Previously, Clapper served in two administrations as the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, where he was the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense on intelligence, counterintelligence, and security matters for the Department. In addition, he simultaneously served as the first director of defense intelligence within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Clapper’s career began in 1961 when he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and culminated as a lieutenant general in the U.S. Air Force and Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Following his retirement from the military, Clapper worked in industry for six years as an executive in three companies focused on the Intelligence Community. He also served as a consultant and advisor to Congress and to the Departments of Defense and Energy, and as a member of a variety of government panels, boards, commissions, and advisory groups. He was a senior member of the Downing Assessment Task Force which investigated the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996, was vice chairman of The Gilmore Commission, and served on the NSA Advisory Board.

He returned to the government two days after 9/11 as the first civilian director of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA). He served in this capacity for almost five years, transforming it into the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Clapper’s service and dedication to the security of the U.S. can be seen in the many awards he has received: three National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medals, two Defense Distinguished Service Medals, the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, the Coast Guard’s Distinguished Public Service Award, three Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Awards, the Presidentially-conferred National Security Medal, and many other U.S. civilian and military, as well as foreign government, awards and decorations.

He is the also author of the New York Times best seller book, “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence.”

“General Clapper’s experience, spanning over five decades at the highest levels, is unparalleled. He is uniquely positioned to advise LookingGlass as we develop the next generation of cybersecurity products, ones that can operationalize threat intelligence to mitigate cyber threats at machine speeds. We are delighted that he has joined our Advisory Board,” said LookingGlass CEO, Gilman Louie.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Director of National Intelligence, Cyber Policy