Overview: scoutthreat

scoutTHREAT™ empowers your team to efficiently detect and respond to the most relevant threats to your organization. With an adversary-oriented focus to understanding your cyber risk using collaborative, threat actor modeling and risk scoring tools, your security team can continually process, prioritize, and rapidly operationalize incoming intelligence, improving the efficiency and productivity of your analysts and enhancing the efficacy of your cybersecurity program.

scoutTHREAT offers automated ingestion and analysis of structured and unstructured threat intelligence, enabling your analysts to collaboratively develop and refine threat actor models by uncovering adversarial capabilities and motivations, tracking relevant reporting to highlight adversaries attacking sectors you care about, and mapping tactics, techniques, and procedures to personas and threat actors.

Finally, senior analysts can compare these tailored threat actor profiles to your organization’s security controls and current mitigations to identify where to invest additional protection and resources.

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scoutthreat Benefits

Improve analyst efficiency. scoutTHREAT enables your analysts to be more productive by applying consistent and streamlined, customizable workflows to properly correlate and understand the wealth of structured and unstructured data your organization consumes. 

Maximize your cyber workforce. Support your junior analysts in “leveling up” their skills with scoutTHREAT’s collaborative, customized analyst workbenches that will guide them through quickly identifying threat actors and actor capabilities. 

Anticipate your adversaries’ next move. With scoutTHREAT’s advanced threat actor modeling, built by highlighting the correlation between atomic indicators and unstructured threat intelligence, your security team can quickly pinpoint and understand the threat actors targeting the sectors that matter to your organization and uncover those actors’ capabilities to identify their next move.

Reduce risk and prioritize cyber investment. scoutTHREAT’s actor modelling combined with built-in risk scoring enable your organization to highlight key risks and gaps in your security posture and to prioritize cyber investments to mitigate and reduce those risks.  Make sense of all your threat intel. Effectively process and share information across your organization by utilizing scoutTHREAT to compare external structured and unstructured data to internal requests for information and reporting, enabling multiple teams to coordinate more efficiently on proactive approaches to defending against relevant threats and reduce risk in an applied structure.

Tablet with ScoutThreat interface on the screen
Tablet with ScoutThreat interface on the screen

scoutthreat Key Features

Key Features

Automated threat indicator and entity extraction scoutTHREAT offers automatic extraction of key attack indicators from both structured and unstructured threat intelligence for rapid correlation and processing, freeing up your analysts from sorting through troves of data to hone in on the most relevant threat intelligence.

Flexible, collaborative workbenches  Organize analyst tasks with customized workbenches based on mission or business requirements, such as an area of expertise (e.g., malware) or a geographic area (e.g., Russia desk).

Automated processing of threat intelligence and customized alerting Enable faster response with automated processing of new intelligence based on thematic criteria and information most relevant to your organization and customized tipping and queueing to your analysts to prioritize items for investigation, mitigation, or threat hunting. 

Standards-based data collection and storage, with interoperability in mind Leverage the efficiency of your analysts and scoutTHREAT’s RESTful API and STIX data formatting for quick integration of data ingestion or dissemination of information across your teams and technologies.

Configurable threat framework and data marking Model threat actors and threat intel using cyber frameworks relevant to your organization. scoutTHREAT natively enables you to model threat actor data and capabilities via the MITRE ATT&CK framework, the Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and more. You can also apply industry Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) procedures to ensure protection of sensitive/proprietary information.

Risk prioritization based on your organization’s security controls Apply intelligence outputs of adversarial risk to your organization’s security controls to better understand your risks, prioritize mitigations, and communicate effectively with decision-makers on potential impact to business objectives.

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ScoutThreat offers continuous visibility into categories of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to help your organization stay ahead of threats. Map the network assets of any entity of interest and continuously monitor each entity’s network assets.

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