scoutPRIME® provides a holistic, always-on, “outside-in” view of the internet infrastructure you care about — your own, your third-party vendors, and your supply chain — delivering an assessment of your external threat landscape and providing continuous situational awareness so you can understand your current attack surface and risk exposure.

With unique foot-printing capabilities and mapping tools, scoutPRIME accelerates the capacity for your analysts and operators to identify risks and vulnerabilities across the entire public-facing internet and overlays those findings with top-tier threat intelligence to highlight areas of concern — effectively operationalizing threat intelligence — to help you prioritize your mitigations and response.

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Reduce risk. Go beyond a risk score. scoutPRIME’s expansive capabilities enable you to dig deeper to truly understand the cyber posture of your organization, and of your second- and third-party vendors, to identify and manage risk holistically. 

Prevent exploits. Use the insights derived from scoutPRIME to cut through all the alerts and noise and get to the intelligence you need to identify, manage, and investigate cyber risks and vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. 

Respond faster. With scoutPRIME’s foot-printing capabilities, you can quickly identify if an asset on your networks is part of a cyber incident or connecting to a known command-and-control node, enabling faster incident response. 

Gain greater efficiency. scoutPRIME’s large-scale data collection, normalization, and correlation provides contextualized and actionable threat intelligence, serving as the single go-to tool for your analysts.

Make more informed decisions. With scoutPRIME’s intuitive and flexible collections capabilities, the breadth and depth of enriched threat intelligence overlaid on assets and networks that matter to you, and its customizable alerting feature, you will get the data you need when you need it, with context, to improve decision-making and prioritize efforts for mitigation and response. 

Key Features

Dynamic footprinting
With scoutPRIME, you can create and manage dynamic footprints of any internet-accessible asset or network to identify if an asset on your networks is part of a cyber incident or connecting to a known command-and-control node, enabling faster incident response.

Out-of-the box threat intel aggregation, enrichment, and contextualization
scoutPRIME aggregates, normalizes, and indexes 88 data sources and cyber threat intelligence feeds — out of the box — serving as the single go-to tool for analysts.

Customized threat scoring
scoutPRIME has a proprietary Threat Indicator Confidence™ (TIC) scoring system. Developed with scoutPRIME’s dynamic foot-printing capabilities overlaid with enriched and contextualized threat intelligence, TIC helps your team more quickly identify and prioritize the cyber threats that matter to you.  

Customized alerts
Analysts can configure scoutPRIME to send email alerts and notifications based on specific triggers, such as when a TIC threshold is crossed or if a new vulnerability is seen on an asset or network you are monitoring.

API & Integrations
With scoutPRIME’s API and integrations, you can export threat intel in a variety of formats to orchestrate your security appliances and improve cyber defenses.

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