scoutINSPECT™ catalogs your organization’s digital footprint by discovering all your internet-connected assets and their validated vulnerabilities, exposures, or risky services to enumerate your external attack surface. Regardless of whether those assets are on your network or in the cloud, scoutINSPECT can provide continuous surveys of your environments to monitor detailed information on your assets while compiling an attack surface history to highlight any changes to that inventory over time.

scoutINSPECT can give you an adversary’s view of your inventory, including misconfigurations, exposed storage, and forgotten assets in your inventory – all issues that adversaries can easily find. By providing you with a clearer view of cyber risk, you can identify and prioritize mitigations before an attacker exploits those risks. 

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Agentless Deployment. scoutINSPECT can be deployed without agents, software, or other traditional IT monitoring tools. This enables a low total cost of ownership and a faster time to value for any organization.

Inventory Discovery & Mapping. scoutINSPECT maps your domain infrastructure and sub-domains, and continuously surveys your networks to catalog all your internet-facing inventory — finally giving you a clear picture of all the inventory and networks that could be exposed, leveraged, or exploited by attackers, enabling faster triage.

Vulnerability, Exposure, and Misconfiguration Details. scoutINSPECT provides deep insight into traditional vulnerabilities and exposures, as well as insight into misconfigurations and changes in inventory — regardless of whether your inventory is seen on premise or in cloud environments.

Flexible API and Integrations. With scoutINSPECT’s API and integrations, you can import and export exposures, inventory and intelligence-enriched data in a variety of formats to orchestrate your security appliances and improve cyber defenses, while increasing the value of your current security platforms.

Intuitive User Experience. scoutINSPECT’s user-friendly interface enables easy workflow-assisted collaboration to enrich and optimize your data while reducing response time to exposures.

Key Features

Investigation Tools
Analysts can gain greater efficiency by having context-enriched inventory and software data, assisting in day-to-day tasks and getting more relevant answers faster for improved decision making.

Reduce Global Risk
Understand external attack surface and reduce risks across large scale distributed environments.

Prevent Compromises
Risk assessments of your inventory & networks for vulnerabilities & exposures from the outside in.

Gain Operational Efficiency
Conduct guided analysis immediately with correlated, contextualized, and enriched exposure and inventory information.

Faster Response
Operationalize and act on the most relevant exposures.

Make More Informed Decisions
Receive mission-relevant tips and alerts to improve Incident Response and Hunt missions.

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