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The government can often seem like a monolithic entity. The truth is the public sector is a highly complex, multifaceted, and interconnected group of organizations — some with similar objectives, some with tight vertical chains of command, some who operate fairly independently, and everything in between.

Working alongside the government as a trusted advisor has always been and continues to be a core part of LookingGlass. We’ve supported the public sector for more than a decade to enable and ensure the economic and national security interests of our government customers. At the end of the day, helping agencies meet their mission is literally part of our mission.

Government/Public Sector Cyber Challenges

The cybersecurity challenges faced by the government are vast—and varied. Below are just a few of the factors contributing to government’s heightened cyber risk:

Complex Infrastructures: IT across the public sector mimics the government itself: complex and unwieldy. This makes protecting agencies even more difficult. It can feel impossible for IT and cyber teams to know how many assets they need to keep track of, much less how to protect them.

Talent Shortage: Due to the worldwide cybersecurity talent shortage, nearly half a million cyber positions are unfilled. Government agencies are in direct competition with private sector firms offering attractive compensation packages. This can lead to increased outsourcing, ultimately compounding the supply chain and third-party vendor issue.

Third-Party Vendors/Supply Chain: Government agencies rely heavily on contractors and third-party vendors, adding additional threat vectors to the government’s complex cyber landscape.

Vast missions: For many public sector entities, cybersecurity objectives go beyond simply ensuring your organization is protected. They need to be able to monitor the cybersecurity postures and attack surfaces of critical infrastructure sectors, support victim notifications and incident response, hunt threats, and more.

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LookingGlass Capabilities

LookingGlass provides organizations with broad visibility into attack surfaces and delivers intelligence and insights that help identify cyber risk, including:

Attack surface management: We continuously monitor assets and networks for vulnerabilities and exposures from the outside in, and inside out. Learn more.

Actionable threat intelligence: We provide normalized, contextualized, and correlated threat intel that allows you to operationalize insights and respond to threats faster.

Optimized threat hunting: Our solutions layer threat intelligence on attack surfaces to help optimize threat hunting efforts. With unique "needles" (tips) and our deep historical threat repository, we also leverage AI/ML to identify and anticipate an adversary’s next move. 

Cyber workforce, analyst, and incident response support: Our platform enables teams to collaborate more effectively, share intel, and develop coordinated defense and response plans.

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