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The threat of cyber attacks against a myriad of industries has been a part of nearly every recent news cycle, and none is more urgent than those to our Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The U.S. DIB is a wide-ranging network of cross-sector organizations that the country relies on for products and services that enable defense capabilities. With over 250,000 companies of all sizes and maturity in the U.S. DIB, the cybersecurity challenges are vast.

With deep national security implications, understanding and mitigating risk in this sector isn’t just cybersecurity—it’s national security. Learn more about the challenges faced by the DIB, and how LookingGlass capabilities can help companies in this sector use threat intelligence and continuous monitoring to cut through mounds of data and secure these critical organizations.

Defense Industrial Base Cyber Challenges

DIB companies encompass everything from aircraft and satellite manufacturers to those involved in the production of commercial products like laptop computers and semiconductors—as well as routine service providers like maintenance, IT support, and others. Learn more about what makes the DIB sector unique and why its protection is critical to national security.

Nature of the Sector: The DIB is particularly at risk to cyber threats because it provides products and services that are essential to mobilize, deploy, and sustain U.S. military operations. Malicious threat actors have realized that targeting companies across the DIB and its supply chains can be not only a profitable enterprise but also an alternate method to accessing valuable Department of Defense (DoD) information.

Third-Party Vendors/Supply Chain: Understanding the cyber risk and exposures across the supply chain of 250,000 DIB companies, spanning a wide range of sectors, is a massive undertaking. Assessing that supply chain continuously—reviewing networks, assets, and systems owned and managed by others for new exposures and vulnerabilities—only adds to the complexity.

Talent Shortage: Due to the worldwide cybersecurity talent shortage, nearly half a million cyber positions are unfilled. This can lead to outsourcing, ultimately compounding the supply chain and third-party vendor issue noted above.

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LookingGlass Capabilities

Supporting mission-driven cyber outcomes, LookingGlass offers a wide range of solutions that provide a holistic view of an organization's cyber risk, including:

Attack surface management: We continuously monitor every interface you expose to the internet that has the potential to give an attacker access—keeping you one step ahead of adversaries.

Actionable threat intelligence: We deliver normalized, contextualized, and correlated threat intel that allows you to take action and respond to threats faster.

Optimized threat hunting: Our solutions layer threat intelligence on attack surfaces to help optimize threat hunting efforts. With unique “needles” (tips) and our deep historical threat repository, we also leverage AI/ML to identify and anticipate an adversary’s next move. 

Cyber workforce, analyst, and incident response support: Our solutions enable teams to collaborate effortlessly, share intelligence, and develop coordinated defense and response plans.

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