There has never been a more serious time for U.S. critical infrastructure sectors to shore up their cybersecurity defenses than right now. While ensuring internal cybersecurity solutions are blocking and detecting nefarious activities is critical, security leaders also need to understand their external attack surface. This outside-in view highlights the vulnerabilities and exposures that threat actors can identify on your network.

LookingGlass has compiled a sector-level report to provide you with a snapshot of the vulnerabilities, exposures, and infections currently seen across the financial sector. Leveraging our external attack surface monitoring solutions, this report highlights:

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  • A U.S. heatmap of the sector’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposures
  • Widespread verified vulnerabilities
  • Serious exposures that violate cyber best practices
  • Most prevalent bot infections

Given the geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, LookingGlass also provides a crosswalk of the vulnerabilities and exposures that are or have been used by Russian threat actors.

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In these volatile times, we all need to work together to ensure our national and economic security.

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