Agencies are modernizing their IT infrastructure, moving their data into cloud computing services and adopting modern software practices.

These IT efforts are all a step in a positive direction, but they also carry with them the burden of increasing network complexity, said Cody Pierce, chief product officer at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions. Add in a post-pandemic, distributed workforce that is accessing services remotely, and secure teams are looking at a more complicated picture than ever before.

But efforts are underway to get a handle on that complexity. President Joe Biden’s cybersecurity executive order from May 2021 and the resulting zero trust strategy published the following February both direct agencies to inventory their devices, categorize and protect their data, and break down their network perimeters into isolated environments, among
numerous other actions.

In this Special Bulletin from Federal News Network/WTOP, find out how federal agencies across the U.S. government are working to gain greater visibility across their attack surfaces and how they are leveraging technology to reduce their risk.

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