Uniting On The Cybersecurity Battleground: The Status of Cyber Threat Information Sharing

Join LookingGlass CTO Allan Thomson for a panel on “Uniting On The Cybersecurity Battleground: The Status of Cyber Threat Information Sharing” April 24, 12pm ET on Federal News Network radio.

The panel includes:
LookingGlass CTO, Allan Thomson
CISA Chief of Cyber Threat and Risk Analysis, Rex Booth
Director of the IC Security Coordination Center, Wally Coggins
NSA Deputy Chief of Cyber Security Operations, Mo Bland

Every day, the United States government and civilian sectors are targets for nation-states, terrorists, script kiddies, organized crime, hacktivists, and expert cyber criminals. Motives driving these actors are widespread and can include political and ideological reasons, retaliation, financial gain, or to wreak havoc and cause chaos.

These attackers have a range of tools at their disposal; all it takes is exploiting one weakness in an enterprise’s defense to launch a devastating attack. These weaknesses could be well-known patches/vulnerabilities or could be a zero day attack.

On the opposite end of the equation, each government and/or civilian organization battles every day to defend the organization; however, their defenses often fall short due to manual responses, budget issues, staffing shortages, and legacy IT. Compounding this is disparate and limited sharing of information between agencies and organizations.

Cybersecurity is the new battleground and the entire ecosystem must unite their forces and resources to find success against adversaries.

To accomplish this, we must start:

  • Communicating with a common language
  • Sharing with a common framework
  • Reacting in real-time

We must have a common call to action!

One of the most effective ways to create a common call to action is to share information relating to cyber threats. However, with the increase in successful data breaches and malicious attacks it is becoming more apparent that the ecosystem is not using the available information sharing mechanisms to the maximum extent or they are unable to use them due to different terminology and data formats.

About the Speakers

Allan Thomson
Allan Thomson
CTO, LookingGlass

Rex Booth
Rex Booth
Chief of Cyber Threat & Risk Analysis, CISA

Wally Coggins
Wally Coggins
Director, IC Security Coordination Center, ODNI

Mo Bland
Mo Bland
Deputy Chief of Cyber Security Operations, NSA