The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and dramatically changed the way we live and work. As Internet dependency surges, gaps in security and cyber safety protocols have opened the door to increased malicious exploitation from actors and groups looking to take advantage of new security vulnerabilities.

Financial organizations are seeing a drastic spike in online transactions during this new normal of working, banking, and shopping from home. With this surge in online payments and massive increases in the volume of financial transactions, the potential for fraud, BEC, skimming or other threats is more severe than ever.

In this webinar from May 13, LookingGlass’ Senior Director of Threat Analysis and Investigations, Olga Polishchuk, will discuss:

  • COVID-19 exploitation schemes and campaigns we’ve observed
  • Emerging and ongoing trends that could impact financial organizations
  • How to remain cyber resilient in light of the crisis

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May 13, 2020


1:00 pm