Own It, Secure It, Protect It: Zero-Trust in the Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is infiltrated everyday — bring your own device policies and increased vendor access have introduced a whole new layer of cyber risk to the office environment, whether it’s from malicious insider threat, or accidentally bringing an infected device into the corporate environment. As vendor and third party service provider lists grow longer, so too does the list of related breaches. Since no vendor or customer should be automatically trusted, Zero-Trust frameworks have become more prevalent. How can organizations best protect themselves and their borderless networks? Join LookingGlass’ VP of Product, Eric Olson, and VP of Customer Support Group, James Carnall for a webinar discussing Zero-Trust best practices and war stories at 1 pm ET October 31, 2019.

Attendees will be eligible for one hour of CPE credit.

About the Speakers

Eric Olson, Senior Vice President of Product Management
Eric Olson,
Senior Vice President of Product Management
LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

Senior Vice President of Product Management, Eric Olson is responsible for LookingGlass’ overall product strategy development and execution across LookingGlass’ comprehensive portfolio of Automated Data Services, Threat IntelligenceThreat Intelligence: Evidence-based knowledge about an existing hazard designed to help organizations make inform decisions regarding their response to the threat. Platforms, Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service™ offerings, and network-based threat mitigation solutions.

James Carnall, General Manager, Cyveillance
James Carnall,
VP of Customer Support
LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

As Vice President of LookingGlass’ Customer Support Group, James Carnall leads a team of more than 80 analysts based in LookingGlass’ 24×7 Cyber Security Center. Since joining the company in 2005, James’ focus has been on Brand Protection, Social Media Impersonation, Cyber Security Monitoring, Anti-Phishing, and Security Response. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Security with a minor in Business Management from George Mason University.