Tired of sorting through troves of cybersecurity and technical data to try and figure out what to focus on?

So is every customer we partner with. Join our customers in getting an intelligent view of your attack surface. Layer threat intelligence over your extended attack surface – your organization and major vendors or suppliers that are operationally critical for you – so you have a comprehensive picture of your assets, including web stacks and services. Get actionable threat intelligence and a more accurate view of your cyber risk.

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CyberRisk Alliance Security Weekly with Matt Alderman

Learn more about Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM) with LookingGlass Cyber’s (LGC) Senior Vice President of Product, Mark St. John. Understand some of the challenges organizations face today and how LGC addresses ASM from both an inside-out and outside-in approach.

Information Security Media Group with Matt Schwartz

Understanding adversaries is not a new topic but learn some of the latest trends with LookingGlass Cyber CEO, Bryan Ware. Bryan shares information about the challenges of threat intelligence and how to use it to your advantage.

CyberRisk Alliance Security Weekly with Bill Brenner

The pandemic changed a lot of things including cyber security. With the widening of an organization’s attack surface, it is critical to help an organization to understand how an adversary sees them and what their threat picture really is. Learn from LookingGlass Cyber’s (LGC) CEO, Bryan Ware about addressing a customer’s needs post Mission is more than a word to us. Helping customers meet their missions by anticipating threats drives everything we do. If you want to find out how we can help your organization, contact us by filling out the form to the right.

ASM: A Guidebook

In this e-book, we will shed light on what ASM is, how threat actors see your attack surface, and how seeing what the adversary sees can be useful for cybersecurity and IT teams. https://bit.ly/3PG8SrJ

Improve your 3PRM – Like this Financial Services Company

LookingGlass’s scoutPRIME is an integral component of this top financial services company’s third-party risk management. Read their story at https://bit.ly/3PgQW6l

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