Supporting Threat Hunting Missions

We develop cybersecurity solutions that empower organizations to meet their missions with tailored, actionable threat intelligence. These case studies highlight specific threat intelligence and analysis from recent 2021 cyber attacks.

“We help organizations identify how a hacker got in, what vulnerability they exploited, and what mitigation needs to be put into place. But we also have to determine the real-life identity of that hacker and then prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law that this person committed this crime…

LookingGlass provides the data, in whatever format we need, that helps pinpoint and prioritize what and where we need to be looking to jumpstart our investigations. Without LookingGlass, some of our most effective operations would slow to a crawl or stop.”

– Lead Cyber Analyst, Federal Agency

LookingGlass serves the most sophisticated government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and critical telecommunications firms, enabling them to see what an adversary can see of their infrastructure from the public internet and providing them with best-in-class network security, continuous assessments of the attack service (whether cloud or hybrid), and threat mitigation tools.

As companies rely on an ever-widening ecosystem of suppliers and third party providers, cyber risks and attacks are multiplying. While being more interconnected creates efficiencies and strengthens business operations, it also increases one’s attack surface, potential attack vectors, and overall cyber risk.

This document features actionable threat intelligence and analysis produced by LookingGlass, highlighting the support we provide for clients around the country. It also highlights testimonials from Threat Hunters, State Fusion Center teams and Cyber Analysts at federal, state and local governments, underscoring the value LookingGlass brings to its clients. 

Case Study: Supporting Threat Hunting Missions

Download Case Study: Supporting Threat Hunting Missions.