Learn how to measure and mitigate your supply chain and third-party risk.

“Check-list compliance” for supply chain and vendor risk management is not sufficient to detect and defend against third-party cyber threats. Layering threat intelligence onto your ecosystem’s external network footprint is critical to protecting your organization against third-party threats.

Supply chain attacks and compromises are potent because they exploit a common, non-technical vulnerability in almost every modern organization: a lack of visibility into the security of their supply chain.

Find the needle in the haystack

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We help organizations continuously monitor their own and their third-party vendors’ networks to keep their organization safe. LookingGlass’s platform is purposefully designed to assess and help you manage supply chain and third-party risk information at scale. Our unique footprinting capability gives your IT security staff an “adversary’s view” of your third parties, so you can truly understand any vulnerable supply chain network dependencies, allowing you to get ahead of third-party risks and breaches.

Our LookingGlass monitoring, notification, and investigation tools allow your team to move beyond alerts and warnings to identify and remediate the source of a threat to your organization’s network, IT assets, data, and employees. Coupled with API-based connections to third-party investigation and incident response tools, your security team is notified of emerging and potential risks so they can immediately initiate effective response and remediation actions.

Mitigate Supply Chain and Third Party Risk: The Silent Threat

Stay a step ahead of an exploit by leveraging solutions that combine continuous, external infrastructure monitoring with contextual threat intelligence to enable you to identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities of any asset connected to the internet — whether it is your organization’s or your supplier’s.

Our customizable threat actor modeling enables your security analysts to track adversary capabilities and motivations, so you can understand how your organization, sector, or ecosystem could be attacked and implement security controls before that happens. 

The Silent Threat White Paper
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Assessing Cyber Risk for the Defense Industrial Base

With our outside-in view of Defense Industrial Base critical infrastructure, LookingGlass saw 5 million verified vulnerabilities across the DIB. We provide insight and technical indicators to support a range of activities from high-level situational awareness to actionable recourse. 

The cyber supply chain threat to all industries has become a critical risk and only grows more each day as businesses and organizations undergo digital transformations to improve their operations. However, with deep national security implications, the cyber risks associated with Defense Industrial Base (DIB) are perhaps the most urgent. Threat actors have realized that targeting vulnerable companies across the defense supply chain can be not only a profitable enterprise but also an alternate method to accessing valuable Department of Defense (DOD) information. 

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LookingGlass Cyber Expands Data Science Team to Drive AI and ML-Powered Products and Intelligence Analysis

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, the leader in actionable threat intelligence, today announced the expansion of its data science team with the additions of Michael Sherman as Senior Vice President, Data Operations and Dr. Sven Brueckner as Chief Data Scientist. These new hires underscore the company’s strategic objective to expand the use of applied data science within its products to enhance cyber threat intelligence analysis.

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