Best Practices to Counter the Ransomware Threat

Best Practices to Counter the Ransomware Threat

April 24, 2020

Ransomware is a persistent threat that targets individuals, enterprise organizations, and everyone in between. It seriously impacts business operat...

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Businesses Face Escalating Ransomware Threats

April 15, 2020

Find out how finished intelligence from the LookingGlass STRATIIS product line can give you the perspective you need to make informed decisions and...

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Threat Actors Exploit COVID-19 in Cyber Crime Campaigns

March 25, 2020

Cyber criminals have taken advantage of both individuals and computer networks amid COVID-19. Learn more about the rise of threat actors amid the p...

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MSSPs: Here’s How To Turn Your Clients’ Data Into Actionable Intelligence

March 12, 2020

There’s no question about it: The world needs managed security service providers (MSSPs). Qualified cybersecurity professionals are getting harder ...

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The Year Ahead: Trends & Predictions for the 2020 Cyber Threat Landscape

February 20, 2020

On  January 16, 2020, LookingGlass hosted a webinar on trends observed in the 2019 cyber threat landscape. Much of the activity seen in 2019 w...

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Government Agencies Need to Improve Their Digital Defenses in 2020

February 05, 2020

New year, not so new story: Government agencies are under fire from criminal hackers. But this year, the stakes are high. Two really big events are...

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What 2019 Taught Us About Vendor Data Breaches

What 2019 Taught Us About Vendor Data Breaches

January 15, 2020

Third-party data breaches have been problematic for the better part of a decade. The infamous Target breach of 2013, for instance, only happened be...

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What We’re Thankful for in the World of Cybersecurity

December 19, 2019

Cybersecurity experts spend a lot more time dwelling on the negative than on the positive – and to be fair, that’s their job. Not to mention,...

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Trends in Cyber Threat Mitigation and Deception Technologies

October 10, 2019

Cyber attacks are taking place more than ever. See how cyber security analysts have responded with improvements to threat deception and mitigation ...

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