Identified as an Outperforming Innovator, Receives ‘Exceptional’ Mark for Flexible Asset Discovery

Reston, VA., March 23, 2022 – LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, the leader in providing actionable threat intelligence, today announced its inclusion in the latest GigaOm Radar Report for Attack Surface Management (ASM). The report offers an in-depth overview of the vendors in the ASM space, evaluating their solutions based on well-defined features and key criteria.

An organization’s attack surface consists of all its “public-facing services, APIs, applications, IPs, domains, certificates, and infrastructure regardless of the host type (VM, container, bare metal) or location (on-premises or cloud).”

According to the report, organizations consistently struggle to “accurately identify their rapidly changing attack surface and vulnerabilities,” which is only compounded by a “lack of visibility into the risks presented by the dynamic nature of the attack surface.” ASM solutions address these issues through continuous discovery and insight into an organization’s attack surface.

Based on the analysis of its ASM solution, scoutINSPECT™, LookingGlass is deemed an “outperformer” among the vendors in the report and hailed as a leading solution in the Innovation Feature quadrant. LookingGlass also earns an “exceptional” mark for flexible asset discovery, illustrating outstanding focus and execution. 

Additional strengths highlighted in the report include scoutINSPECT’s complete discovery capabilities, with an emphasis on web stacks, and its AWS integration, which produces the most complete ASM picture.

“Bad actors regularly take advantage of the fact that most organizations don’t have visibility into their attack surface. This makes them ripe targets,” says LookingGlass Chief Product Officer, Cody Pierce. “However, to combat these growing threats, enterprises need to be able to not only identify their assets and risks associated with those assets but also which risks are being actively exploited to prioritize action and response. This is what intelligent attack surface management looks like.”

Whether an organization’s assets are on owned infrastructure or in the cloud, scoutINSPECT catalogs one’s entire digital footprint by uncovering all internet-connected assets and their validated vulnerabilities, exposures, or risky services. The solution also boasts:

  • Agentless deployment
  • Automatic inventory discovery
  • Vulnerability, exposure, and misconfiguration details
  • Flexible API integrations
  • Intuitive user experience

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