Reston, VA., Nov. 2, 2022LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, the leader in actionable threat intelligence, is proud to announce its continued partnership with a critical U.S. government defense organization. The original engagement focused on delivering more contextual, commercial cyber threat intelligence to the agency’s cybersecurity analysts. The renewed contract doubles the previous seven-figure contract and enables the government customer to further optimize commercial threat intelligence, enabling greater efficiencies, and strengthen the impact of cyber defense operations.

Government users noted that LookingGlass significantly removed analytical obstacles to collaboration and information sharing, while enhancing the utilization of commercial cyber data.

The LookingGlass platform, comprised of best-in-class cyber threat intelligence and attack surface monitoring, delivers multiple benefits to the customer including automated aggregation engines that offer timely, mission-relevant data. This curated intelligence provides strategic, operational, and tactical insights with context when needed, enabling cybersecurity teams and executives to take action and make critical decisions.

“We recognize the challenges defense and other national security organizations face with threat intelligence that is often delivered without context,” said Bryan Ware, LookingGlass Cyber CEO. “Delivering cyber threat intelligence that is relevant to a variety of missions in the right context, at the right place and time, is often exceptionally difficult. Supporting and enabling our customers’ missions is a core tenet for us, and meeting the complex cyber and intelligence needs of the federal government’s defense agencies is the kind of challenge we thrive on.”

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