How Can the U.S. Rebuild After Shocking Series of Cyber Breaches

President-Elect Joe Biden’s incoming national security adviser Jake Sullivan told NPR this week that the Defense Department hasn’t granted a meeting to the Biden transition team since Dec. 18. That – Sullivan tells NPR – is complicating the ability of the incoming administration of being read-in on the current administration’s response to what experts are describing as one of the most damaging cyberattacks in U.S. history.

The hack, which government officials have privately said was carried out by Russia using previously unknown tactics, compromised both government and private sector systems. The Cipher Brief has spoken with a number of experts on this issue since the hack was first made public and we spoke recently with Cipher Brief Expert Gilman Louie about what we’ve learned from the breach so far and how to begin thinking about protecting the country from another hack of this magnitude.

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