Photo of Ronald Nielson

Ronald Nielson

As Executive Vice President, Ronald Nielson oversees product, revenue operations, and customer success.  He brings more than 30 years of cybersecurity, strategic visioning, and leadership expertise to the team.            

Previously to joining LookingGlass, Nielson founded SharkOptics LLC, a consulting company designed to advance cybersecurity practices and technical capabilities by evaluating emerging technologies with venture capitalists and providing his unique expertise on where they should direct their company’s advancements and vision.

Nielson has a broad knowledge of cybersecurity, derived from 10 years providing cybersecurity services to the National Security Agency and the intelligence community, where he focused on sensor collection, quick analysis and response capabilities for protective and defensive mission areas; and from 20 years in the U.S. Army, where he supported various cyber operations,  including promoting new approaches to cyber defense at the Computer Network Defense Research and Technology for Enterprise Network Defense Capabilities.

In his time at the Department of Defense (DoD), Nielson was also selected as the SHARKSEER Lead and was charged with leveraging emergent malware solutions to develop and respond to adversarial capabilities in real time. He matured this program to be the first concerted effort at advancing commercial technologies to defend the DoD networks. The DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) has highlighted this program as “the highest priority cybersecurity initiative under its purview.”

Mr. Nielson continues to lead in the cybersecurity arena, serving on several committees and mentoring the cybersecurity leaders of tomorrow.