Photo of William (Bill) Crowell

William (Bill) Crowell

Crowell served as Deputy Director of Operations at NSA, Chairman of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Senior Advisory Group, and as a member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Advisory Board.

Through these experiences, Crowell spent years investigating and improving military command and control, intelligence and security systems. Currently, Crowell is a partner at Alsop-Louie and an independent consultant specializing in information technology, security and intelligence systems. He brings a wide range of experience having served as Chairman, Director, President and CEO of a variety of technology companies, including Broadware Technologies, SafeNet, Inc., Cylink Corporation, ArcSight, Inc., Narus, Inc. and Six3 Systems, among others.

“I have witnessed firsthand the expertise and insights Bill brings to the table,” said LookingGlass CEO, Gilman Louie. “With decades of experience and a deep understanding of both offensive and defensive cyber, Bill will serve a vital role in advising the growth and success of LookingGlass.”

“I have a long association with LookingGlass and consider them a leader in cyber threat intelligence,” said Crowell. “I’m looking forward to joining the Advisory Board and am particularly excited about the LookingGlass products and capabilities which I believe have great appeal in today’s market.”